Social care and NGO

Our teams play a crucial role in transforming and facilitating our clients’ organisations to deliver better outcomes by providing secure access to documents, with ability to record information, communicating, supporting, and assisting those in need when they need it most.

Wide experience


Years of experience working to extend and improve social care and NGO software.


Established track record of developing social care and NGO applications from scratch.


Experience in web and mobile applications that work as one system.

Our experience includes

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• Extensive experience working with global clients, our custom IT solutions are proven to manage efficiency, productivity, standardisation and compliance with substantial cost savings for businesses

• Years of experience creating software solutions that enable NGOs to handle end-to-end care of vulnerable groups, gamify fundraising campaigns, enable management of alumni relations, and more

• User-friendly and interoperable UX-optimised software solutions that empower teams to work on the road on any device, with powerful mobile tools that bring the office anywhere

Enable growth and increase security

Increased workloads and repetitive tasks are not only time-consuming for employees, they can also lead to serious inaccuracies in records and costly inefficiencies in reporting and pose a threat to personal data security regulations such as GDPR. We build software with security and user experience in mind while always looking for opportunities to increase efficiency.

Improve digital processes of care

We have extensive experience in creating custom IT solutions that play a pivotal role in easing employee strain, securing personal data and helping to overcome current social care and NGO challenges such as mobility, collaboration and a seamless integration of legacy systems and processes.

A reliable partner

Complete project transparency and building a trusted partnership with our clients is how we delivered our Social Care and NGO software projects and helped improve their business.

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Some of the solutions we developed for the social care and NGO sector:

Document management system
Staff management
Project management solution
Integrating legacy systems
Financial feasibility
Resource planning
Patient compliance gamification

Better data insights and processes

The demand to connect data and align up, down and across an organisation has never been more urgent. Revealing insights from the data available can surface critical improvements. Also, how data is exchanged makes it essential to have secure and reliable means to manage it.

A transparent, two-way relationship

Our clients, their employees and end users are at the centre of our approach. We attribute our 15-year reputation not only to delivering innovative, timely and responsive solutions, but also to developing a transparent two-way relationship with each of our clients. We believe people are the heart of everything we create.

Our collaboration principles

A simple governance model

Our governance model consists of a Scrum Master, the team from Qubiz and a Product Owner from the client-side. This enables a smooth collaboration that avoids deadlocks, often encountered in hierarchies.

A good foundation

Ensuring that the team has a great working environment and that everyone understands the project vision is critical. This, together with a clear Product Backlog, ensures a great foundation to build on.

Incremental delivery

Working in sprints of 2 or 4 weeks to deliver potentially shippable product increments. These increments, once accepted, are launched to the live environment.

Continuous Delivery

Using Agile and a DevOps mindset for an efficient Continuous Delivery process enables one-click deployments of any software version to any environment, on demand.

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