Remote teams

Geographic proximity, cultural affinity, cost reduction, and a deep pool of quality talent are just some of the advantages of working with us.

Entrepreneurial, innovative, with an international client base

We won both the European Business Award for Best Workplace in Romania and the Research and Development Project of the Year Award from ANIS, two years in a row. We’re proud of our history, culture, talented colleagues and partners. We truly love our jobs.

Reasons clients choose us

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Our clients are predominantly based in Europe and this offers a number of benefits to our collaboration:

• Maximum two hours' time-zone difference means remote collaboration is always highly effective.
• Well-connected airports allow quick travel without any visa requirements.
• Clients are welcome to visit us anytime. We believe it’s particularly beneficial when starting new projects.
• We can also provide on-site work when it’s required.
• Our teams are experienced in remote collaboration, with hundreds of projects successfully delivered worldwide.

Our clients' challenges are our challenges


When we see a problem, we take the initiative to solve it creatively, for maximum benefits. Exchanging best practices and constantly improving our way of working has brought benefits beyond the scope of projects for our clients.


We’re dedicated to working Agile. This has brought a number of benefits to our client's organisation, as knowledge transfer happens at all levels; including technological, work practices, and everything else in between.

Reliably passionate

Companies from all over the globe choose us because we are reliable, offer a great cost-benefit ratio, and above all else we are passionate about innovation, transformation and business growth through software technologies.

Why choose us?

We’ve built many software applications that have reached millions of users across the globe. With a results-driven culture, our teams can meet any challenges that might appear. This allows your company to allocate resources more effectively, especially in high-speed growth scenarios. At the same time, you can rest assured that by choosing us you always have the best in the game at your side.
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