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“I am very pleased how the team adapted to our changing needs, including helping with our simpler solutions. I am very pleased with the work done so far. From the business perspective it is difficult to find the end point: the more we do, the more we want to add. I will definitely recommend Qubiz to people in my network as a very capable company.”

MARTA KALAS, Operations Director @ Thomson Screening Solutions
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“I am very happy with the way we work together. The senior developers are very good at teaching others, as well as sharing knowledge with anyone willing to learn. They are very proactive and adapt easily to any change in plans. The more junior members of the team are quick learners and are very hard working. Most important part is that they act as one team, work as one team.”

IAIN LINDSAY, Head of Software Engineering @ Thomsons Online Benefits
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“At Leger des Heils we help over 68.000 people regain parts of a normal life. For all of them we are the last line of defense between hope and total defeat. Your team has a major influence on our work, and throughout the years our way of working improved tremendously. Your contribution has been very valuable and the Qubiz team can take great pride in this.”

WRITSAERT VAN DEN BORN, Service Manager @ Salvation Army Netherlands
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“The Qubiz team helped us during a complex project, which had many parties involved. Thanks to their flexibility and leadership, we managed to achieve a result that with traditional project management methods would have been just impossible or way too expensive.”

RICHARD VAN HOORN, CEO @ Media Alliantie
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“Outsourcing made easy. Flexibility and Quality are only two of the many more plusses QUBIZ has to offer. In our very fast business, QUBIZ was always ready to change direction and focus as we needed to. Communication was direct and the developers were always quick to reply. “

HANNES ANDERS, VP Development @ Gameforge 4D GmbH
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“I have been very pleased with the Qubiz team while working with them. The team has been committed to the project, understood what we are trying to achieve, and delivered work at a high quality and within agreed timelines. I feel like you are a part of the broader Thomsons engineering team.”

STEPHEN TAYLOR, Product Manager @ Thomsons Online Benefits
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“What I like about Qubiz is that they are committed to the project and always eager to help us. They are very close to us - we visit each other, we work together, we have fun together - and that allows us to accomplish the end results as one team.”

HANS HAMHUIS, Director @ SimplyCare
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“I feel that you are different compared with other outsourcing companies. We call this the Qubiz open mentality, or culture. This is the base that helps Qubiz and Davanti succeed together.”

ROBERT VAN RIJN, Development Manager @ Davanti

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