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“It doesn't feel like a client-supplier relationship. Davanti and Qubiz are one team whether we're working remotely or meeting in-person. We have great discussions but also a lot of fun.”

JORDY VAN LEEUWEN, Senior Product Developer @ Davanti

“Qubiz is a valuable IT partner, helping us solve all of our technical issues and challenges on all aspects: data analytics, integrations, software development. For us, it's not just a matter of handing over the specifications and a solution comes back; it's a joint effort in solving complex matters, tapping into the knowledge of all the Qubiz teams whenever we need it. “

JEROEN KLEP, Product Manager Data & Analytics @ New Cold

“As a team of scientists, we had no experience building software. Our collaboration with Qubiz has been nothing short of incredible. We have been able to be handheld throughout the whole process to deliver two successful products to our clients. Additionally, Qubiz provided a pathway to determine the most cost-effective way to achieve our goal.”

RHUSH MAUGI, Co-founder, Figura Analytics @ Figura Analytics

“Since 2019, Qubiz has been a reliable partner for us in many projects that we are driving forward in web development. The colleagues from Qubiz make a significant contribution to the success of our projects. In addition to its excellent technical skills, Qubiz is characterized above all by its willingness to help and the ability to work in a team. We appreciate the determination of the colleagues at Qubiz as much as their valuable impulses to achieve our goals. For these reasons, we can unreservedly recommend Qubiz as a partner for web development projects.”


“We are very happy with our collaboration with Qubiz. The people there are highly skilled and they easily understood our technical requirements. Furthermore, their design services are really good. Communication with them has been excellent and enabled work to happen at a consistent pace. Overall, we highly recommend working with them.”

FELIX SERWANE, Software Development lead @ Lutze

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