Whether it’s automating existing workflows, facilitating data management, or creating mobile apps with accurate, real-time patient information, our experienced remote software engineers are ready to improve every aspect of your healthcare projects.

Wide experience


Years of experience working to extend and improve healthcare software.


Established track record of developing healthcare applications from scratch.


Experience in web and mobile applications that work as one system.

Our experience includes

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• Integrating new software with any third-party and legacy systems

• Modernising mission-critical systems to gain better control and flexibility of all business operations

• Developing user-friendly, interoperable and optimised solutions for managing patient records, facility operations, running analytics, and more

• GDPR-compliant and secure healthcare applications and software solutions

Future-proof business continuity

We understand how to implement critical steps to review your IT infrastructure and to ensure new/existing technologies meet health and compliance standards. We perform critical data security and backup functions to enable a future- proof business continuity strategy.

Better healthcare mobility

Mobility solutions have become critical in administering today's healthcare. It allows real-time communication and collaboration, increasing patient safety, care and satisfaction. We create solutions that enable collaboration on a secure and personalised platform for better patient outcomes.

A reliable partner

We deliver our healthcare software projects and help improve your business through complete project transparency and building a trusted partnership.

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Some of the solutions we developed for the healthcare sector:

Diagnostic Platform
Health monitoring app
Social care management system
Elderly care matchmaking
Psychiatric consultation app
Dynamic consent app for clinical drug trials

High standards of data management

We offer high standards of data management, storage and encryption methods. This allows us to build scalable software using an ever-growing amount of data and an increasing number of users. We build and develop bespoke software to enable a seamless flow of information between facility departments, labs, and third parties.

Unlock insights and automate

We help healthcare organisations to unlock the true potential of their data, increase operational efficiencies and reduce risks. Our AI experts adopt progressive machine learning algorithms to analyse data, discover new insights and secure multiple automated operations to save time and human efforts.

Our collaboration principles

A simple governance model

Our governance model consists of a Scrum Master, the team from Qubiz and a Product Owner from the client-side. This enables a smooth collaboration that avoids deadlocks, often encountered in hierarchies.

A good foundation

Ensuring that the team has a great working environment and that everyone understands the project vision is critical. This, together with a clear Product Backlog, ensures a great foundation to build on.

Incremental delivery

Working in sprints of 2 or 4 weeks to deliver potentially shippable product increments. These increments, once accepted, are launched to the live environment.

Continuous Delivery

Using Agile and a DevOps mindset for an efficient Continuous Delivery process enables one-click deployments of any software version to any environment, on demand.

Business solutions

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