About us

Qubiz was born in 2008 from a simple idea: we put people first, both clients and colleagues. We grew rapidly by cultivating a great company culture. Our top values are client centricity and excellence. These are consistently seen in the way we deliver added-value through our work. By combining our industry knowledge and technical expertise, we build and run high-performance software, regardless of scale.

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Proven work in industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Logistics, Media, Professional services, Social care and NGO, Engineering, and Commerce.

Our culture

We consistently measure ourselves by our values. By breaking them down into concrete behaviours, we are able to create a roadmap for each employee and, using  360° feedback, they know what are their strengths and where to focus on growth in the future.

Our values

These are the fundamental pillars of our culture—sometimes referred to as Qubizm.


We’re in the business of delivering excellence through encouraging great habits.

Trust and respect

This is the essential ingredient you’ll find in all of our teams. We take the first step.

Client centricity

Our clients’ challenges are our challenges. We take pride in the work we do with them.


When we see a problem, we take the initiative to solve it creatively, for maximum benefits.


A star team is infinitely more enjoyable than a team of stars. We see it every day.


It’s part of our lives, so why not make it part of our work? We enjoy being real people.

Our journey

Qubiz was founded in 2008 in the midst of the economic crisis and managed to grow steadily during that time. By 2010 we already delivered our first end-to-end healthcare solution.

R&D Program of the Year;
Certified ISO 27001;
New QCampus building;
300th colleague

Formalised our Research & Innovation Cognitive unit;
Won Best Workplace @EBA

Started our first InQubator investments;
100th colleague

Opened our 2nd office;
Developed the first full solution for Healthcare


Why work with us

Flexibility and scalability

With a large platter of technical skills, scale your teams easily and on-demand as needs change or new ones appear.

Faster time to market

Assemble teams of any size with fast kick-off and delivery time and respond quickly to market needs with a true agile mindset.

Consulting approach

Close collaboration, challenging ideas and advising improvements in processes and way of working (not just simple execution) is how we ensure desired outcomes.

Trusted partnership, one team

Great retention rates mean that teams will know your business inside-out and leverage diverse resources to deliver added value - together as One Team.

Broad capabilities

Covering business needs requires smart use of diverse capabilities. We’ve taken a one-stop-shop approach to help our clients. .

Quality and innovation

We take consistent steps to define what quality means on a case by case basis. This also sets a solid base for innovating in high value areas.

Cultural and mindset fit

As a European Union member country, we play under the same rules. Furthermore, from a culture and mindset perspective, we’re a fit.

Excellent value for money

Focus on core business activities as our highly skilled engineers take great care in helping you achieve your operational and business goals.

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