Professional services

We help our clients to leverage growth opportunities, while eliminating security and data risks, all within a timely speed to keep our clients' businesses competitive and reactive to change.

Wide experience


Years of experience working to extend and improve professional services software.


Established track record of developing professional services applications from scratch.


Experience in web and mobile applications that work as one system.

Our experience includes

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• Extensive experience working with global clients, our custom IT solutions are proven to manage efficiency, productivity, standardisation and compliance with substantial cost savings for businesses

• Years of experience creating software solutions that handle payroll and benefits, document management, project management, setting prices, and more

• User-friendly and interoperable UX-optimised software solutions that empower teams to work on the road on any device, with powerful mobile tools that bring the office anywhere

Actionable timescales and reasonable budgets

By consulting with our talent about your business objectives, we will help you build a realistic project plan with actionable timescales and reasonable budgets. This will make the transformation or implementation process much faster and more efficient, giving you the confidence to focus on the business side while all technical aspects are under control.

Enabling flexibility and adaptability

A core benefit of what we offer is the flexibility to respond quickly to market trends. Our teams are deployable to develop your IT projects anywhere across the globe, giving you the flexibility to include the right expert at the right time and ramp up or down the team according to your project requirements.

A reliable partner

Complete project transparency and building a trusted partnership with our clients is how we delivered our Professional Services software projects and helped improve their business.

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Some of the solutions we developed for the professional services sector:

Document management system
Payroll and benefits software
Project management solution
Sales management system
HR management software

Find the right business match

Finding a good match during the collaboration process is as important to you as it is to us. Our award-winning team of technical architects, engineers, UX consultants, and support professionals are 100% focused on the core business of our clients. A successful collaboration requires we have similar cultures and work ethics.

A great collaboration approach

A clear understanding of the full technical perspective at the start of projects gives a complete 360-degree view of any bottlenecks, compliance and security risks. Additionally, it allows for a seamless team coordination and frictionless project execution. This ultimately creates a cost-effective software solution delivered on time and on budget.

Our collaboration principles

A simple governance model

Our governance model consists of a Scrum Master, the team from Qubiz and a Product Owner from the client-side. This enables a smooth collaboration that avoids deadlocks, often encountered in hierarchies.

A good foundation

Ensuring that the team has a great working environment and that everyone understands the project vision is critical. This, together with a clear Product Backlog, ensures a great foundation to build on.

Incremental delivery

Working in sprints of 2 or 4 weeks to deliver potentially shippable product increments. These increments, once accepted, are launched to the live environment.

Continuous Delivery

Using Agile and a DevOps mindset for an efficient Continuous Delivery process enables one-click deployments of any software version to any environment, on demand.

Business solutions

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