Our wide expertise allows us to identify and remediate risks to business against ever-changing security threats. The projects we work on benefit from our privacy and security by design approach.

Privacy and security by design in the EU

Working under the General Data Protection Regulation, we have in place all the necessary processes and understanding requirements in order to ensure robust data management for all of your projects involving personal data and transactions. You can see the level or information security that we employ. If you require extra precautions we’re ready to discuss and adopt policies to your requirements, specifically for each of your projects.

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Our Security consultancy covers the full data security spectrum, including: secure access, identity & application threat control firewalls, network access control, cloud security, endpoint protection, email security, web and mobile device management and more.

ISO certified seal

ISO 27001 certified

We are ISO 27001, Information security management certified. We have a robust structure in place for ensuring and monitoring security including DPO, CSO, security audits, strict IT procedures, and more.

Security first approach

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Step 1
Systematically examining our information security risks, from perspectives such as: threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts.

Step 2
Having in place a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls to address any risks deemed unacceptable.

Step 3
Maintaining management processes to ensure information security controls continue to meet our needs on an ongoing basis.

Zero surprises down the road

Building a project with Qubiz from the ground up means we mitigate risk from the outset. We have a large portfolio of organisations who trust us as their software provider of choice and to consistently ensure control and visibility of roles, infrastructure, applications and personal data processing.

Security in all aspects of an organisation

Information security policies; organisation of information security; asset management; access control; physical and environmental security; operations security; communications security; system acquisition, development and maintenance; information security incident management.

Why choose us?

We’ve built many software applications that have reached millions of users across the globe. With a results-driven culture, our teams can meet any challenges that might appear. This allows your company to allocate resources more effectively, especially in high-speed growth scenarios. At the same time, you can rest assured that by choosing us you always have the best in the game at your side.
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