We help our clients to leverage growth opportunities while eliminating security and data risks, all within a timely speed, to keep our clients' businesses competitive and reactive to change.  

Wide experience


Years of experience working to extend and improve media software.


Established track record of developing media applications from scratch.


Experience in web and mobile applications that work as one system.

Our experience includes

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• Extensive experience working with global clients, our custom IT solutions are proven to manage efficiency, productivity, standardisation and compliance with substantial cost savings for businesses

• Years of experience creating software solutions that streamline digital asset management processes and enable social platforms based on content publishing to grow to millions of users

• Proven work in creating designs that enable frictionless user experiences

Accelerating digital transformation

Digital disruption is spreading through the media industry faster than ever, accelerating the demand for transformation, innovation and rapid expansion of new business models. We can advise you on how to reach your objectives and set up teams of experts to deliver on your vision.

Meet consumer expectations

Consumers expect their media and entertainment consumption to be on demand, providing choice, convenience and a seamless, personalised experience across devices. We understand the complexities involved in meeting consumer expectations and can help you make the right choices and deliver stellar digital experiences.

A reliable partner

Complete project transparency and building a trusted partnership with our clients is how we delivered our Media software projects and helped improve their business.

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Some of the solutions we developed for the media sector:

Digital asset management system
Content publishing SaaS
Social media management solution
Book cover solution
Real-time video conference platform

Capture relevant data and improve decision-making

Capturing the right data and processing it to reveal business insights can become a competitive advantage. We can help you improve your business intelligence software. Furthermore, our UX team works closely with our software developers to leverage information about user behaviour and improve all aspects of your digital platforms.

Mitigate data security risks

Data breaches can negatively impact your brand and your customers’ trust in your business. We consider data security an important pillar of development. Furthermore, we stay up to date with the latest challenges and trends that impact the industries we focus on and the clients we serve to better prepare for any changes relevant to the target audience.

Our collaboration principles

A simple governance model

Our governance model consists of a Scrum Master, the team from Qubiz and a Product Owner from the client-side. This enables a smooth collaboration that avoids deadlocks, often encountered in hierarchies.

A good foundation

Ensuring that the team has a great working environment and that everyone understands the project vision is critical. This, together with a clear Product Backlog, ensures a great foundation to build on.

Incremental delivery

Working in sprints of 2 or 4 weeks to deliver potentially shippable product increments. These increments, once accepted, are launched to the live environment.

Continuous Delivery

Using Agile and a DevOps mindset for an efficient Continuous Delivery process enables one-click deployments of any software version to any environment, on demand.

Business solutions

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