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15 years of
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15 years' track record

Qubiz was founded in 2008 in the midst of the economic crisis and managed to grow steadily to meet demand from increasingly complex challenges. We believe that having a good cultural match with our clients is the single most important thing that ensures a high-value collaboration and reaching business objectives.

Geographic proximity

Geographic proximity, time zone similarities, cultural affinity, cost reduction and a deep pool of quality talent are just some of the principal advantages of outsourcing your projects with us. This makes communication easy, on-site visits can happen fast, frequently and at a reasonable cost.

Cost optimisation

By partnering with us, we can evaluate business processes, resources and capacity to determine where to improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness across the entire business. Furthermore, you can leverage our expertise in building innovation-driven solutions to explore ways to automate processes, implement chatbots, and more, reducing costs.

Business Solutions

Helping clients achieve a fully collaborative and transformative work environment.

“I feel that you are different compared with other outsourcing companies. We call this the Qubiz open mentality, or culture. This is the base that helps Qubiz and Davanti succeed together.”

Robert van Rijn, Development Manager

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Our Expertise

Adapting today’s IT to your mindset organisation and business.

“Qubiz is a valuable IT partner, helping us solve all of our technical issues and challenges on all aspects: data analytics, integrations, software development. For us, it's not just a matter of handing over the specifications and a solution comes back; it's a joint effort in solving complex matters, tapping into the knowledge of all the Qubiz teams whenever we need it.”

JEROEN KLEP, Product Manager Data & Analytics @New Cold

“As a team of scientists, we had no experience building software. Our collaboration with Qubiz has been nothing short of incredible. We have been able to be handheld throughout the whole process to deliver two successful products to our clients. Additionally, Qubiz provided a pathway to determine the most cost-effective way to achieve our goal.”

RHUSH MAUGI, Co-founder @Figura Analytics

“It doesn't feel like a client-supplier relationship. Davanti and Qubiz are one team whether we're working remotely or meeting in-person. We have great discussions but also a lot of fun.”

JORDY VAN LEEUWEN, Senior Product Developer @Davanti
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With a culture of excellence, our approach is tailored for each client.


Our skilled and creative desktop and mobile UI/UX development team has over 15 years of proven experience. We explore new opportunities, create operational efficiencies to transform outdated processes using business-focused, user-centric UX design to achieve market leading digital customer service and dramatic revenue improvements for our clients.


Focusing on business needs, our core principles are delivering on projects on time, with no compromise on quality, self-organising our teams, incremental development, close collaboration and continuous communication to limit reworking and waste.


We enable you to analyse present and historical data within your business context. This, together with predictive analytics and support, not only enhances operations to run smoother and more efficiently, it also allows you to discover challenges to be addressed before they become problems or opportunities to leverage before your competition.

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