Sales portal in Insurance

Vorarlberger Landes-Versicherung V.a.G. (VLV) is an insurance company that is focused on the Vorarlberg area in Austria, operating since 1920. They offer a variety of insurance packages covering everything from the car, leisure activities, and accident insurance, processing over €30 million in claims, every year.As a mutual insurance company, they are very customer-focused as every member is involved in the election of members’ representatives that are part of the Supervisory Board. This enables decisions to always be made in the interest of its customers.


This is a mobile responsive web application made for Sales Agents to have an overview of their insurance portfolio. Agents can use their unique identification to check the status of policies, their configuration, and client balance. Here they can also see claims and documents assigned to clients and can create external insurances step by step for new customers or contracts.We initially started with a small team of developers to cover the application requirements, but then new features arrived so we have big plans for the future.

We scheduled development for a platform of services for sales agents which will cover the entire flow of creating insurances: having a detailed view over their portfolio, creating offers, validate processes, and manage customer data. We also want to solve the part where they use many external services and applications. Our goal is to get the entire functionality under one single login and to manage the entire information under one platform. For this, the team will grow step by step.

Technical Details

The application is built from scratch using .Net CORE 2.2 for web API services which are being consumed by a client application. Access to SQL Database is made with Entity Framework Core and communication between application layers makes use of DI, AutoFac, Bootstrap, AutoMapper. We use several environments where we deploy the application like Azure, IIS on DMZ, and Docker container. The client-side was built using the React JS library. Based on API‘s signature, we generated code for API calls using Swagger and Nswag tools. We use the Redux pattern to manage the application state and SCSS for styling it. Our current plans include new applications that will use DDD or SOA architecture, an Identity Server for SSO with Active Directory, ADFS, and two-factor authentication.

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