Psychiatric Consultation Management

The Vincent van Gogh Institute is a renowned mental healthcare institution that provides highly specialized psychiatric services and addiction care to its patients. They treat an average of 7000 clients annually, which makes it one of the largest providers of its kind in the Netherlands. They’re part of CONRISQ Group with eight independent foundations that pool their resources together and complement each other in terms of target group and assistance.They reached us through another organisation we’ve worked with and wanted to build a minimum viable product that would make it easier for their patients to access services.


The app facilitates communication between applicants (e.g. general practitioners or family doctors) and consultants (e.g. psychiatrists).

Applicants can ask all consultants

As an applicant, you can address a question that is open to all available consultants to answer.

Applicants can ask a specific consultant

If the applicant is already familiar with who would be the right person to get in contact, they can do so directly.

Consultants can create an appointmentIf the question is complex, consultants can create an appointment and discuss it in more detail. All appointments are centralised under the Agenda tab.

Chat between the two roles

At any point in time, after a question is addressed, the direct chat is available to facilitate communication.

The project started with the idea that the mobile app will be connected to the VVGI API portal. Thus, we decided to build a middleware backend component that would interact with the mobile app and the portal, using an architecture that would allow connection of the middleware to the API.

This was the first phase of the project and discovered a challenge due to issues with the pre-existing API. We had to quickly adapt and managed to solve this by building a database in MySQL instead of a RESTful API.The team consisted of two developers and other roles, varying by stage: architect, technical lead, QA, and PM.Architecture patterns and styles: DDD, PSR, REST.Technologies: PHP Symfony 4, Firebase, React Native, ES6, JSX, Docker, Fabric, Jenkins.

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