Patient Coaching Web Application

The Client

Our client is one of the largest university hospitals in Belgium. They provide high-quality medical and paramedical care to ambulatory and hospitalised patients. More than 8.800 employees are committed to provide a diversified and specialised patient care and to work constantly on improving their services.

The Backstory

The hospital’s strength lies in blending research, training and multidisciplinary patient care, which is a permanent object of critical reflection and renewal for them. Our client needed a tool that would help them monitor the results their recovering treatments. Qubiz created a website that allows researchers and therapists to follow the results yielded by their patients’ physical activity. Patients can also view graphs showing their progress, can interact with their therapist, can request additional information, and provide feedback on their treatment.

The Solution

Using the solution developed by Qubiz, the patients can log into the application and do the following actions:

  • Register their physical activities in a calendar-like screen.
  • Send messages to their coach (therapist) using the built-in messaging system (the messaging system mimics a typical email interface).
  • See a chart with the physical activities they've completed. The chart compares their actual effort with the scheduled effort.
  • Fill in questionnaires assigned by their coaches.
  • Read articles and various useful information published by the app’s administrator and provide feedback on their usefulness.

The coaches can log into the application and perform the following actions:

  • Set together with their patients the schedule of the following week’s activities.
  • Respond to the messages received from their patients.
  • Assign questionnaires to their patients.
  • Export the results of the questionnaires as excel files.

The administrator of the application can:

  • manage (create, delete, block) coaches and patients.
  • manage (create, publish) articles.

Technologies involved

The website is supported by all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari (for Mac and PC).The web app was developed mainly in PHP and MySQL, with the help of the following tools:

  • Zend Framework 1
  • Red5 real time messaging protocol
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
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