Online chat application for e-commerce purposes

Binsoft is a dutch company that is developing a unique product that has the ability to connect both your customers and employees within a software environment integrated into the mobile app. The application allows you to record all necessary information about your customers’ needs and assign tasks to the person responsible for making it happen. We live in a world where buying decisions are not fully informed by the same things available offline. Each shop has different solutions to support buyer decisions. DoWell aims to unify the experience across all of them.


The goal of the product is to be a chat application combined with an online store, where users can discuss a certain product they want to buy.In furniture retail, for example, shops can implement the DoWell app and allow customers to have discussions around products. Also, retail assistants can be part of these conversations and bring support in the decision-making process of their customers.In the interior design industry, where there are multiple service providers like designers, retail stores, maintenance personnel, and others, the DoWell app can help in easing the communication between all of them.

All the necessary information can be added to the buying process and so the home renovation or redesign decisions are made much quicker.

In complex buying processes, DoWell is the app that connects it all.

A Smoother Project Management Flow

One of the main focuses of the application is facilitating project management work by making it extremely easy to communicate, assign, and overlook the tasks that need to be performed. One of the main fields in which this is heavily used in the construction sector. The DoWell app aids communication between all the people involved in a construction project, for example. It speeds up the processes that would normally take a lot of time because most of the people involved are not located in the same place. Dowell makes it possible for them to share key information and make the right decisions, thus avoiding many communication errors that would’ve threatened the project.

Technical Details

Qubiz is developing two software solutions that bring Binsoft’s ideas to life.

  1. An API that is exposing data from the Binsoft ERP. The API is built using ASP.NET Core and hosted in Azure.
  2. A mobile application that is consuming the API - the DoWell app.

The mobile application is built using Xamarin forms and is using Azure SignalR and Azure functions for the chat functionality.

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