Guided Trips Booking

Bookatrekking is a company that offers people a wide variety of trekking opportunities. Working with qualified and independently reviewed partners all over the world, they’re able to offer the highest-ranking trekkings at the lowest pricing.

Their promise is that everything is transparent and every booking is confirmed immediately, so their customers can rest assured their trip is well taken care of and they can fully enjoy their experience.


Our clients needed a complete update of their website in order to rise up to their customers’ needs and the company’s promise. The website has two main sides to it:

The front-facing website

We wanted to make it as easy and as quick as possible for the users to find what trekking experience they would like to join and make a reservation. As taking such a decision takes a lot of thought from their side, we’ve built in such a way that all the answers are right in front of their eyes - no need for endless searching.

The content management system

Using a combination of WordPress and Woocommerce, our client has a very easy time managing multiple orders and free up time to actually deliver a great customer experience.

Technical Details

We started by agreeing with the client to finish the website design. Based on this design and functionality that the client needed, we planned the development part. To implement, we used the bootstrap grid because the website design was intended to fit all devices. We used WordPress, HTML5, SASS, and the WooCommerce plugin because it's very easy to manage, easy to track your orders, and offers flexibility to easily add new functionality. For instant searching, we used ElasticSearch. We connected the SalesForce platform with our system and synchronized the data. All the technologies that are used in the Bookatrekking website were chosen in order to enable extensions to the application in the future.

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