Claims Solution

EMS is building innovative software for consumers, insurers, intermediaries, and brokers. Nowadays everything can be arranged online, from buying a kitchen to taking out a new insurance policy. Until now it was not possible to, quickly and easily, report a claim online.

With the Claimsengine®, EMS wants to show that this innovation is a much-needed improvement for every player in the insurance market. EMS works with a group of young, curious, and enthusiastic people on the future in the field of insurance, reporting, and handling of claims, based on all kinds of knowledge backgrounds.


The Claimsengine® allows you to STP handle your bulk damages based on policy’s T&C. In the Claimsegine® damages can be reported and the engine can make decisions for payment, fixing, or (automatic) rejection.

The Claimsengine® is suitable for insurers, brokers, and underwriting agents. With all these customers EMS uses a Preserve and Extend method, which means that the Claimsengine® is linked to existing systems. As a result, these systems are not replaced, but expanded, making them better prepared for the (digital) future.

With the use of this software, it becomes possible, for all parties involved, to work from one system. These include for example the insured, claims handler, claims expert, and the repairer. The Claimsengine® guarantees an End-to-End claims management solution.

Technical Details

As we’ve done a complete and very thorough evaluation of their product, we’ve been able to create a long-term improvement plan. We have almost full ownership of the implementation of this plan and we’ll start with the first stage where we’ll focus on migrating the solution to the Cloud.We are working on:

  • Integrations with 3rd party APIs that provide a variety of tools for evaluating damages (cars, electronics, household items)
  • A platform for tracking damage repairs, repair offers, payments
  • Behavioral analysis (scoring based on metrics regarding user behavior while filling in claims).
  • SMS tracking during claim lifecycle Video call platform for direct communication with claim handlers REST API for 3rd party integrations with the core Claims Engine

Technologies: PHP7, Azure Cloud, Gitops, Kubernetes + Docker, Golang, RabbitMQ

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