Amazon Sales Analytics Platform

Canah is the first manufacturer of natural hemp seed products in Romania, and at 2,500 tones of seeds processed per year, it is the largest hemp products manufacturer in Europe. They export 80% of their products abroad, including on marketplaces like Amazon.


The problem our client encountered while selling on Amazon was that the reports generated by the platform were hard to integrate with the reports from Canah's website. Basically, the data from Amazon needed to be downloaded and processed manually.

Sales reports made easy

Canah needed an application that would automate reporting, but would also be easy to extend in order to be sold as SaaS in the future. Our solution is a multi-tenant & multi-role web-based sales analytics platform that creates reports by importing data via Amazon Marketplace Web Service.

Boosting sales & profits

The Amazon Sales Analytics Platform produces a wide array of reports (e.g. inventory, profits, sales) and we've enabled Canah to perform analyses in real-time, displaying the necessary insights for boosting sales and ultimately increasing profits.

The team

The Scrum team was very lean, with a handful of developers, while QAs and designers were involved only in key aspects to save time.

Technical details

The project was completed under a tight budget, with a big lump of it spent on research (on how Amazon MWS works, for instance) and on functional analysis. Our lean and flexible approach allowed us to deliver maximum functionality for minimum effort (time & money).

The solution is based on open-source technologies and developed using a Bootstrap template. It is a multi-tenant & multi-role web platform delivered as Software as a Service and hosted on Amazon EC2.The platform was developed using:

  • Jenkins for continuous integration & delivery
  • Git for source control
  • Docker for environment containers
  • Composer as dependency manager
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