Co-creation Portal

The Client

Achmea is an integrated financial services group that has a clear focus on value creation. Their core business is insurance (life, health and general insurance) and services relating to pensions and health. Building on their cooperative roots, their mission is to achieve balanced value creation for all stakeholders: customers, distribution partners, shareholders and employees.

The Backstory

Achmea’s core mission is to provide a balanced creation of value for all its stakeholders. As a financial services group, Achmea aims to offer more than just standard services, but also customised solutions that add value to its clients.This is where the need for a co-creation portal comes up. In order for them to be able to offer the best solutions, they needed an environment in which they could access the right information and be creative.

The Solution

Our solution was to build a portal that would enable Achmea to share information and generate ideas together with its clients and other external parties. In fact, the solution is a business intelligence application that enables Achmea to understand the market better by seeing what kind of products are used by their different types of customers. This solution provides Achmea with valuable information about the true needs of their customers and offer the right insurance product accordingly. By sharing relevant information with their clients through our co-creation portal, we enabled Achmea to improve the overall quality of their services.

Technologies involved

We used a Java Liferay Portal as a platform and a series of portlets to implement the functionality of our solution. Besides using the core portlets that come with Liferay, we also needed to create new ones for the super-specific features of our app.The business intelligence solution developed by Qubiz includes:

  • An ETL (extract, transform, and load) process based on SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) through which data is extracted
  • Access to market data such as customer profiles
  • The use of data mining patterns related to cross-selling of insurance products, up-selling of existing insurance products and marketing response analysis

We used Microsoft’s SQL Server Business Intelligence Services, more specifically:

  1. SQL Server Reporting Services for designing and viewing ad-hoc and standard reports
  2. SQL Server Analysis Services for analysing the cubes and performing the data mining activities
  3. SQL Server Integration Services for transferring and transforming data from the warehouse to the data mart
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