Qubiz Team's Winter Camp 2014: ski, fun, teambuilding and more…

Between 12th and 15th of February 2014, the Qubiz Team went to Jasna, the largest ski resort in Slovakia, where we spent our 2014 Winter Camp. Initially we talked to Timo, our colleague, who was the Project Manager of this teambuilding, who shared some interesting information about his former experience in the resort.

Alina: This year, for the first time for Qubiz, the Winter Camp was abroad, in Jasna, Slovakia. What did this edition of Winter Camp mean to you ?

Timo: For me, this Winter Camp edition was a challenge, being the first time the project manager for such an event, I felt the big responsibility that was given to me. I must confess everything was different compared to others editions, which were organized in Romania. For instance, in our country you can make the hotel reservations even only one month in advance, but there it was a must to make the reservation no later than 3 months before going. We booked rooms in 2 hotels: one rated at 2* and one at 3 *, where we were warmly welcomed upon arrival.

From the start, I was very careful to details, I looked for options for those who liked skiing, but also for those who just wanted to relax and have a good time. Therefore, in the end everyone had something to do each day: some skied, some visited the town situated at 10 km from the resort and some went to the aquapark, Tatralandia, where they could swim in thermal water pools - just perfect for a relaxing day.

The slopes in Slovakia are very well organised, there are many ski lifts and cable cars taking you up, restaurants on the slopes, so you can have either a quick bite or try the Slovak cuisine when taking a break during the day. After the slopes closed (at 16:00, every day), we got back to the hotel, and people had the chance to spend time together: they played Monopoly or Katan, had dinner, including traditional Slovak food. Of course, we couldn’t miss the chance to have yet again a celebration cake, on our last evening there.

In Jasna tourists can benefit from free ski busses - driving at regular intervals - that take them at the bottom of the slopes and many other facilities. By the way, with the Liptov Card, you can get many discounts: free transport with the local buses and various other discounts on different locations in the resort. Nonetheless, our bus driver was nice enough to give us a ride to the slopes each morning and pick us up again at the end of the day.Even if the trip from Oradea to Jasna took around 9 hours, due to the 440 kilometers between the two, it was a very nice experience with many possibilities for those who like skiing, but also for those who just wanted to relax.

Alina: What did people from Qubiz team think about this Winter Camp?

Timo: As I have seen and I did analyse the feedback, people were delighted about the facilities offered by the skiing experience in Slovakia, there were many slopes for the 3 difficulty levels. A positive thing was the short amount of time needed to wait to get on a cable car or ski lift - no more than 10 minutes. I will share with you some testimonials from my colleagues:

  • “I loved the snow and the slopes and moreover the fact that our bus took us to the slopes and back”
  • “I liked the resort and also the Tatralandia aquapark, where the thermal water was perfect after the long skiing days”
  • “I liked everything: the location, the accommodation and the organization”
  • “Everything was perfect, good accommodation, the rented bus was fully equipped and the slopes were so beautiful ! Also, the cake was delicious!”

Alina: Please describe in 3 words what this experience was for you.

Timo: challenging, delightful, success!

Alina: In the end, where do you consider that the next Winter Camp will take place and why there?

Timo: The next option for the next Winter Camp will be … Jasna, again. There are many facilities over there. Also, Austria can be a very interesting option due to the fact that my colleagues were impressed by what they have seen in Slovakia and they would like to go also in Austria.

You can find more pictures from our Winter Camp 2014 here.

by Timo and Alina

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