The secret to an unforgettable vacation

The summer vacation is undoubtedly the best time of the year! You switch your desk to a sunbed, the four walls of the (home)office to a breathtaking view, and the daily tasks to adventure... Can one ask for more? If only it would last forever longer… While your vacation eventually has to come to an end, you can make it unforgettable.Unlike the kind of posts you can usually find on The Qubiz Blog, we thought to come up with a summery list of tips to help you get the most out of your break:

1. Choose the holiday that YOU want to have

This might sound like common sense, however, you rarely can make this decision without being influenced by your peers or other factors. So instead of thinking about what your companions want, what travel gurus recommend, or which option offers the best value for money, ask yourself whether you're choosing the destination because you genuinely want to go there or because you wish to impress others? No matter if you opt for a sandy beach, a mountain range, a city break, or a staycation, do it because you want that. If your preferences don't conform to those of your travel companions, look for a destination where you can all do the activities you like, or take turns in choosing destinations.

2. Count the days until the trip

Studies show that the anticipation before the trip has a more powerful impact on happiness than the trip itself. This means that it's never too early to start planning your vacation. If you have already ironed out every detail of your itinerary, google some pictures of the destination and gaze at them once or twice a week. Tell (but don't brag) about it to your friends. Get excited about the vacation by looking forward to it!

3. Don't overschedule

It's easy to jump overboard with the program. You may want to see and experience everything during those few days, especially if you're in a country you've never been to before. But this will come with a cost that can sabotage your vacation: stress. Make an itinerary with a few must-see places and must-do activities and stick to it. After all, you are there to enjoy the experience, not to cross off things from a checklist.

4. Leave your smartphone in airplane mode

You’ll need only your phone and eBook reader, so leave the rest of your "collection" at home. This way you can leave behind the mundane things that pull you down on earth. If you want to use your phone to take pictures, turn it on airplane mode or turn off the internet.

Nothing ruins a breathtaking sunset like a push notification.

Also, your traveling companion will be thankful for this decision. If you really can't live without your online life, set one or two times a day to check emails, messages, pictures, and cat videos.

5. Connect with your traveling partner

Your significant other or a group of friends can be the cherry on top of your trip. Enjoy your vacation together. The quality time you'll spend with them will be a worthwhile investment. It will boost your romantic life, strengthen the bond between you and make your communication easier.

6. End on a high note

Your brain works in funny ways. It gives more importance to the things that have happened recently. This means

the end of your vacation will be remembered more vividly than the beginning.

Schedule the most exciting things you have in plan for the last day(s) of the trip. Do you have the budget for just one upgrade? Fly on business class on your way home. You're planning to hike for a breathtaking view? Do it on the last day! Want to try the restaurant that every local is recommending? Get there for the last supper. Pun intended, but you get the idea…

7. Smooth the transition to everyday life

Behavioral experts have shown that the most painful thing about vacations is that they eventually come to an end and you have to go back to work. So plan for this as well! Come back on Saturday or take an extra day off to ease back to "real life". This way you have time to get the laundry going, shop for groceries, and to rest. Also, you can put an extra day in your "out of the office" email autoresponder. This way you will have a whole day to catch up with things and plan for the week ahead. Also, arrange something fun for the evening of your first day at work. Looking forward to a movie night or a drink with friends will get your gears going during that hard day.

+1 Get the flex dates option

The past year thought us that truly, anything can change overnight. Countries can introduce new travel restrictions, flights get canceled, and hotels can go out of business. Spare yourself some headache, and spend some extra bucks on the free cancelation or flexible date option. Trust me, in 2021 it's worth every penny!

Remember that no vacation is "perfect".

But if you plan ahead, stay away from work and the Internet, and connect with your traveling buddies, it can become a memorable trip! Have some tips that are not on the list? Please share them in the comments section!

by Krisztián Szűcs

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