U-BT Cluj-Napoca mobile app was launched

At the beginning of this Autumn, one of the greatest basketball teams in Romania, U Mobitelco Cluj-Napoca, announced during a press conference that they were the first Romanian basketball team to have a mobile application. The app embeds a better communication between the club and their fans. The mobile application is the first mobile application for a basketball team from Romania and it was completely implemented by Qubiz.

CS Universitatea Mobitelco Cluj-Napoca (U Mobitelco Cluj) is a professional basketball club from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It competes in the Division A of the Romanian Basketball Championship, being the most successful club from the Transylvania region. The club is actively involved in upbringing and training of future Romanian basketball players, having next to the senior team, 8 junior teams. U Mobitelco Cluj is also one of the most loved clubs in Romania, playing its home games sold out and enjoying the support of its fans in away games.

The club was looking for solutions to keep its fan base close to the team. To address this need, Qubiz created a mobile application for the club. The purpose of the app is to keep the fans up-to-date with latest team developments.

The application includes 8 menus:

  • Latest News;
  • Live Score;
  • Results and Schedule;
  • Leader board;
  • Presentation of the Club;
  • The Senior Team;
  • The Junior Team
  • Sponsors.

Gabriel Lupas, Managing Partner in Qubiz, represented the company at the U Mobitelco press conference, offering more details about the application: “I am honored to announce the release of the newest application we implemented together with U Mobitelco Cluj-Napoca. It is the first mobile application developed for a basketball team in Romania. Its main purpose is to consolidate the relationship between the team and their fans. Taking into account that most of the supporters have mobile phones, mainly smartphones, the need for such an application was something obvious. The application is available both on Android and iPhone and you can find it on the two app stores. The application has many features, two of the most important being that it provides the latest news and notifies the user when a new article has been published. This is the first version of the application and in time, more features will be added to ensure the best communication between the players and the fans, including a future integration with Social Media platforms. This application is free and we hope that in a short time it will have many users” .

The application is compatible with Android/iOS operating systems, including the latests versions of iOS7. One month since it was launched, the app has more than 500 downloads. The app is still free and can be downloaded from the following links:

You can also read (in Romanian) about the application, on U-BT's website, in Ziua de Cluj or in Arena Bihoreana.

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