Impressions from the Summer Internship

For us at Qubiz, the Summer just doesn’t feel right without an internship. This year, the aim of the program was to add new features to the Research Activity Management System we developed for the University of Oradea. For this, we selected six talented Computer Science students.The internship started with two weeks of a crash course and continued with four weeks of intense software development split up in 2 sprints. By the end of the six weeks, we used all ceremonies of the SCRUM methodology. But enough of the boring details, let’s see the participant’s perspective on the internship:

Loredana – Intern, 2nd-year Computer Science student

I liked about the internship that I had the chance to truly see how working in the software industry is like, along with people from whom I could learn a lot. I also liked the daily challenges I encountered because they offered me the opportunity to research and learn more.

Roland – Intern, 3rd-year Computer Science student

I was pleasantly surprised by the teamwork, collaboration, and coordination of the internship team. The welcoming environment at Qubiz has empowered us to contribute with our ideas and to just be ourselves.

Ioana – Intern, 2nd-year Computer Science student

Most of my favorite memories have something to do with human interactions. I liked both the time spent looking for answers with colleagues and the (lunch) breaks. The mentors are super-cool people who were always making us smile, sometimes just by their awesome way of being.P.S. Oh, and they were very creative in letting us know that we screwed up and how :))

Andrei – Intern, 3rd-year Computer Science student

I chose this internship because of Qubiz’s reputation. Some of my friends participated in past Qubiz internships, and a part of them was hired after the program. My internship mates are a joy to work with. Our mentors are happy to share their knowledge with us. They make sure that we execute our tasks correctly.

Their support is a true difference-maker – this attitude is something that you just don’t find in every company.

Roxana – Intern, 2nd-year Computer Science student

One of the most important things I learned in this internship is the value of teamwork and collaboration. Also, I will remain with a bunch of programming knowledge. All in all, I can say that this was a wonderful learning experience.

Cristina – Intern, 3rd-year Computer Science student

I would recommend Qubiz to anyone keen to gain new knowledge and have a constructive experience. Here I found a company that offers you the opportunity to learn new technologies, to contribute to projects and to deepen your knowledge.

The mentors are highly involved in our growing process, and the atmosphere is cordial and motivating.

Patricia – Mentor, QA Engineer

I really liked that the interns were eager to learn new things and to understand the business logic. I was impressed by the solutions they proposed. They showed commitment, proactivity, and ownership. They formed a pretty smart and nice team.

Petru – Mentor, Software Developer

It’s my third time as a mentor, but every year it’s a different challenge. Not just for me, but for my colleagues and for the interns as well. Don’t get me wrong: I like challenges. They bring out the best of me. They push me to communicate better. By teaching others, I become more competent at getting information across. I develop patience, and (not) surprisingly, I improve my tech skills. Oh, and one last thing:

I get to know my future colleagues before the rest of the team.

Alina – Mentor, Functional Analyst, SCRUM Master

The past few weeks we spent with the interns were a pleasure. I’m glad that we could work together. This might be helpful to others as well, so let me share with you some of the tips I gave them:

  • Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Be bold and explore
  • Have a constructive approach to problems – this is the key to being productive
  • Enthusiasm and determination goes a long way
  • No matter how good you are, in a team, you need to know how to collaborate and help team members, when appropriate

Ovi – Mentor, Software Developer

Our interns met each other on the first day of the program. They never worked in teams and were not used to knowledge sharing. By the end of the internship, however, the same people worked together as a team. They communicated effectively, helped each other out, and reached the set goals. All this, with the help of the things they learned during the internship. This gives me the satisfaction and confidence that we did a good job as mentorsI recommend the Qubiz internship not just to students, but to anyone who wants to change career and have some knowledge of the computer science field. This program offers an honest look at what it’s like to work in an IT company. It grants the opportunity to learn from practicing professionals.

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