Stay healthy, stay happy

When you hear about jobs with health risks, you probably think of construction workers, miners or chemical engineers. But sitting in front of a screen all day - like developers do - can be very damaging to your health. So what can you do about that? Well you could just resign only to find that most jobs can impact your health in a way or another, or you could cultivate a few healthy habits that can help you beat the odds.

So we at Qubiz have figured out that it might help if we made the whole process easy and fun:

1. Eating healthy

Somebody once said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not sure if that’s true or whether it applies to other fruit as well, but since it can't hurt to eat fresh fruit and veggies every day, we decided to "administer" them to all of our colleagues each and every day. Vitamins and natural sugars are fantastic energy boosters!

But our healthy eating is not limited to having a banana at 11 AM: most of us ditch fast food in favour of home-style cooked food.

2. Daily stand-ups (no, not the meetings)

If sitting is so bad for you, than the obvious solution is to not sit. That’s where our adjustable desks come in handy. Yep, all of us can sit or stand while working with our easily adjustable desks! Thus the SCRUM term "stand-up" finds a new meaning at Qubiz!

3. Biking to work

By riding your bike to get to work you actually combine the useful and the pleasant: you avoid the morning traffic jam, save on gas, and spend the commute time burning a few calories. There are lots of reasons to bike to work, we won't name them all. We'll just add that there's quite a bunch of us Qubiz bikers, that we ride the neighbouring hills together in our spare time, and that we sometimes participate in competitions. Oh, and we almost forgot: our company sponsors bike purchases!

4. Not just colleagues, but gym buddies

With sports, getting started is hard. We get that. That’s why our experienced colleagues are always ready to help you when you seek to decide what gym (or pool) to join and what equipment to buy. Moreover, they will drag you with them to the gym - or ask you nicely to join them, depending on the case :). In any case, Qubiz also sponsors gym membership fees and sports equipment purchases. So get ready to literally flex your muscles!

5. Sports competitions

Heard of a running, cycling, swimming or triathlon competition in Oradea or Cluj-Napoca? You can bet that some of us will be on the track, while the rest of us will be on the sidelines rooting for our colleagues. We also organise internal competitions (table tennis, festive cookie eating, running between meeting rooms, or getting first to the exit door at 5 PM) to motivate ourselves and have a good time.

6. Anything that makes you move

At this point we're pretty sure you’ve got the main idea: we love to be in motion. But being physically active doesn't necessary imply classic sports. Company parties like those we throw near Christmas are awesome opportunities for us to make use of our dance moves.

And then there's paintball, canoeing, flying fox and other games that we play during our Summer Camps and team building events, plus the skiing and snowboarding that are the core of our Winter Camps.

This is the thing about the IT industry: we have sedentary jobs. But we refuse to have sedentary lifestyles. We want to make the most of both our work and our free time by enjoying an active life and live to the max!

Krisztian Szücs

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