2 in 1 Qubiz Event: Q-Meeting & Christmas Party 2015

Near the end of each year we made a tradition out of organising two internal Qubiz events: the 2nd semester Q-Meeting and our Christmas Party. Now since our team is steadily growing year after year, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find big enough locations for these events, not to mention the sheer intricacy of properly organising such big events - one of my colleagues even compared the effort with the trouble of organising a wedding. As such, we decided to merge the two events into a single big 2 in 1 celebration that will comprise both the Q-Meeting and the Christmas Party.

Q-Meeting highlights

  • 100+ Qubiz Team members, from both Cluj and Oradea, attended this event
  • the presentation was held for the first time in a movie theatre
  • we presented the feedback received from our clients on a 1 to 10 scale. Some of the teams will have a really hard time outdoing themselves in the next semester!
  • we met or exceeded all the goals we set for 2015 in terms of clients stability, operational excellence, team growth, financial results and employee retention
  • at the end of the presentation we were flabbergasted by the magic show held by one of our colleagues
  • this video of our team looked amazing on the big screen:

[embed width="647"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LylPDoSDpu0[/embed]

Christmas Party highlights

  • the Qubiz Christmas Party was held in the entertainment area of a mall here in Oradea
  • our 100+ colleagues together with their better halves and their kids attended our private party; 175 people in total (!)
  • presents were given: personalized desktop calendars, sweets and zuckerbergesque hoodies (discreetly embroided with our logo, of course). This is how the calendar cover looks like:
2016-Q_00 - Coperta
  • we got excellent food delivered by a local restaurant
  • we got plenty of booze and good dancing music
  • we played pool billiards, bowling, hiding from balloon modelling clowns, and ping pong

Needless to say it was a great night and everybody had lots of fun. But more than that, we can all be glad that 2015 was a really good year and we can welcome the new year with confidence. Good things are about to happen. Stay tuned!

PS: some snapshots from the event on our Facebook page.

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