Marketing Internship at Qubiz

Paul Oana is a student at the Griffiths School of Management, Emanuel University of Oradea. This summer he wanted to know more about what Marketing is really about, and how it works in an IT company. Therefore, he joined a Marketing internship in Qubiz, where he had the direct support of Krisz, our Marketing Specialist. During 2 weeks, he had the opportunity to get an insight on the different functions of Marketing, as well as carry out a project of his own.

We asked Paul a few questions regarding his experience as a Marketing intern at Qubiz:

Why did you want to join Qubiz?

I heard many good things about Qubiz and I wanted to come here to see it for myself during an internship. Moreover, I wanted to find out more about how Marketing works in an IT company in Romania.I remember the first contact I had with Qubiz was at a presentation where Marcel talked about his IT experience over the years and about Qubiz; that is when I told myself I would like to come here. I also had the chance to meet Krisz, and heard about Qubiz from him as well.

How did this internship help you with your personal and professional development?

On a personal level, this internship helped me know how to act in a business environment, gain more confidence in myself and integrate in a work environment. Moreover, it helped me understand the way an IT company is functioning

As for my professional development, I learned about the functions of Marketing, difference between B2B and B2C Marketing. Also I had the opportunity to get familiar with some useful Marketing tools and I used them to carry out a project on my own.

What were your expectations? Did the internship meet them?

I thought that Marketing is all about commercials, but when I came here I understood that Marketing is more complex than I had imagined.

Regarding the internship program itself, Krisz sent me ahead a plan of how my week at Qubiz will look like, so I’d say that I knew what I should expect from the beginning, and those expectations were met.

I can say that the internship was a real mythbuster experience: I learned what Marketing is really about.

Please describe shortly your tasks and the way you executed them.

It was good that we had a project that I knew I will finish. I liked the fact that the project didn’t mean pure execution. It required proactiveness, research and my own solutions. The project was about (starting) to develop a newsletter designed for the clients and prospects of the company. I also helped Krisz with some of his tasks.

What was the greatest challenge during the internship?

The greatest challenge was to deliver quality result and to adapt to the needs of the project. I wanted to make it to be exactly what the company needed, and I hope I succeed in that.

How would you describe Qubiz to your friends?

I would tell them that I liked so many things you have in Qubiz: the work environment, the projects, the team’s proactive attitude, friendship between colleagues and the indoor and outdoor activities.

In closing, I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be an intern at Qubiz.

by Alina Gadoiu


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