Ketchuppp, enjoy real life

Qubiz developed a native app for the iOS and Android platforms, called Ketchuppp. In fact, Ketchuppp is a social media application which allows the users to find and get in touch with friends who are somewhere near them, depending on a pre-set distance, and schedule a meeting choosing a certain place. Ketchuppp uses the phone’s contact list to determine who from the user’s friends is using the app.Unlike other social apps, Ketchuppp helps users to stay in touch with their friends in the real world. The user can surprises his friends when one of them is close by. Thus, instead of keeping people in the virtual space, it encourages them to get back to real life, where face to face communication happens.

Using the GPS and an internet connection the user will receive notifications every time he/she is in the same area as his/her contacts. The app allows the user to invite friends to a meeting (catching-up) and automatically sends push notifications to the friend`s phone, who in turns can decide to catch up with the user. The GPS can use the Navigator to help you get to the place where you should meet your friend.

What does Ketchuppp mean for the creators?

Ketchuppp is the brainchild of David Zuilekom and Matthijs Hazeleger, owners of SoMe company. The app was implemented by Daylike (a joint venture between Qubiz and RedMatters), which means that:

  • The development was made completely by Qubiz
  • The design part was on RedMatters’ side.

Tiberiu, developer at Qubiz: “It was a very nice experience working on this app that engages many people to use it. Implementing it, I succeeded in improving my Android knowledge and moreover to work in a very professional team including developers and designers. From the beginning, I really liked the idea of this app and I think that it will be very welcomed by the users”

Razvan, developer at Qubiz: “Building the application was a great experience. The challenges it posed gave the opportunity to improve my skills as an iOS developer. I was fortunate to be part of very professional team of hardworking people. Apart from the technical side of development I also had the chance of learning a great deal about mobile application design and user interaction by collaborating with the designers on the team. The concept is one that I think will catch on very good with the public, and of course I would like to see an application that I helped develop being used on a global scale”.

Matthijs Hazeleger: “What makes Ketchuppp different from all other social platforms is that we don’t make a connection to any social media platforms at all. Ketchuppp only facilitates encounters with the people from the contact list of your mobile device. That means you can sign up with your email if you like, rather than being forced to drag all your Facebook/social media ‘friendship’ baggage with you. The ubiquitous smartphone’s address book has become a neat shortcut for app makers – providing an alternative, ready-made per user contacts network that does not rely on tapping into the social media establishment.”

Download Ketchuppp and enjoy the real life

The application is free to download in the various app stores. There are thousands of downloads, particularly in the Netherlands, but also in countries such as: U.S., Italy, Romania, France and Germany.

If you want to download it, please use the following links:

Reviews of Ketchuppp

We are very happy that in the last month, there are many reviews of the Ketchuppp app, as the following ones:

In conclusion, Ketchuppp ... or enjoy the real life![embed][/embed]

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