Flash Interview with Andrei Oros: "You Have No Excuse!"

Andrei, it’s already been a year since our last talk! Since then many things happened in your life: you reached voting age, you are now a college student, and of course, as always, you participated in many biking competitions and won many prizes along the way. Let’s talk about it all!

Alina: Where are you studying?

Andrei: I am a freshman at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, where I'm going to specialise in Civil Construction and Agricultural Industries. Yes, I know, it has nothing to do with cycling.

Alina: How about your latest competitions? How many did you win this year?

Andrei: There were 8 competitions in total:

1. Tarcal in Hungary- 3rd place in the 18-29 year olds category

2. Crater Marathon in Betfia (42 km)- 2nd place in the 18-29 year olds category- 2nd place in the general category

3. Baia Mare (70 km, 2.500 m elevation difference)- 1st place in my age category- 1st place in the general category

4. XCO Cross Country in Lugoj (7 km x3 laps)- 1st place in my age category- 1st place in the general category

5. Crater XCO- 1st place in my age category- 2nd place in the general category

It was a great experience, I am glad I won it, just like in the past year.

6. Iron Man Triathlon- 1st place in the teams category.

Here I was part of the team, having the biking part. The route was Paleu-Cetariu-Cauceu and retour, a total of 90 km, in 2h30 min. It was great!

7. ProBikers Marathon- 5rd place in my age category

8. Rosia- Here I had the worst luck since now. I don’t even want to remember it!

Alina: If it weren’t for biking, what would you do instead?

Andrei: Well, I think I would practice some kind of outdoors sport that doesn't involve kicking or slapping a ball :)) I would add that I am a volunteer in Salvamont, i like climbing. I also like skiing, snowboarding or trackings in the mountains. I also enjoy photographing, I am very passionate about it.

Alina: What’s next?

Andrei: I will continue my studies, and I will prepare for the upcoming biking competitions scheduled next year. I'd like to participate to Enduro, and to a lot of marathons and cross country competitions.

Alina: You have a lot of energy. How would you describe your training day?

Andrei: I like to practice indoors (going to the gym or practicing insanity) and outdoors, by which I mean biking, of course. I also have a healthy lifestyle: I drink only natural juices, eat salads, chicken, beef, honey, and I sleep at least 8-10 hours per night.

Alina: How does that fit with your school schedule? They both take up time and are so different!

Andrei: Indeed, they are very different fields, but I can make time for both of them. I never skip school and I also manage to do sports for at least one hour a day. You can always find an hour of your time for practicing a sport every day. You have no excuse!

Alina: OK, we're nearing the end of our interview. Perhaps you have a message for Qubiz...

Andrei: I really appreciate the financial support I receive from Qubiz. I was only 13 years old when I was gifted a professional bike. It was a dream come true. But that's not all. The guys at Qubiz have always believed in me and had faith in my potential. Thank your for everything! I will end with a call for you to press the pedal of the bike, not that of a car...

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