Coder Dojo Oradea, the final presentations

Last Saturday we were invited by the mentors and children from Coder Dojo Oradea to the final presentations of the children’s projects. The event was held in a local place, in Oradea, where the children - aged between 8 and 16 - guided by their mentors, presented their projects.

After 9 weeks of hard-work, we had the chance to see the outcome. There were various kinds of applications, programmed in CSS, HTML and PHP, various games and a mobile application.


At the end of their presentations, each child was offered a notebook and a T-shirt with Coder Dojo and Qubiz logos. Also, being part of the jury in the contest, we had the chance to select the winners on the top 3 places. It wasn’t easy to choose, due the fact that each of them had shown passion, drive, willingness to grow and innovation thorugh what they had created.


The 3 winners, who will attend the international Coder Dojo contest in Dublin, Ireland, are:


In the end, we want to thank the Coder Dojo Oradea team for the nice words they wrote us: “We would like to thank Qubiz for the awesome t-shirts and block notes! Kids are happy, the team is happy and hope you guys are happy too! We're always happy to have people around us who support our cause.”

We also want to thank the local press for the articles about this event:

1. Bihon:

2. Bihon:

3. Bihorpenet:

and looking forward to other editions. We wish you, Coder Dojo Oradea team, good luck and keep up the good work!For more pictures from this event, please find here.

by Alina

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