5 Reasons why Breb is the perfect place for a Qubiz Summer Camp

Summer Camp is one of the most popular Qubiz traditions. Every year, we spend a few days at a resort with the entire team and our loved ones. Since we're also celebrating our 15th anniversary this year, we wanted to do something special.

Accommodating 450 people in a place close to Oradea and Cluj-Napoca is quite a challenge. But these challenges unleash creativity like nothing else–especially if you want to keep the group close together!

Instead of a big hotel or tourist resort, we rented an entire village for the Summer Camp. Ultimately, that was the best decision because the village of Breb, Maramureș and Qubiz have more in common than you might expect.

Why Breb was an excellent location for the Qubiz Summer Camp 

A team that has fun together stays together. We wanted to do something unexpected, so for a few days this month, we made Breb our home. Here is why. 

1. Authenticity 

Breb offers an unfiltered glimpse into Romania's rural past. The village is adorned with charming, handcrafted wooden houses that showcase the traditional Maramureș construction style and preserve the region's architectural heritage. Unlike open-air museums, the buildings have not been artificially restored but have evolved organically. 

Throughout the year, locals celebrate various religious and agricultural festivals that retain their significance even in the modern world. Breb’s local magic sets it apart from other places, just like Qubiz.

Developing technology with hearts and smarts is more than a clever tagline for us. It's a way of working and a lifestyle, in and out of the office. Technical excellence goes hand in hand with empathy and humour. We are unapologetically different from other IT companies. That's not a dig at them, just the facts as we see them. A countryside getaway is only for some, and Qubiz may only work for some. But it works for our team, and we are committed to continuing to be the company that inspires them to do great things.

2. Community

In Breb, the sense of community is palpable. Villagers actively support each other during joyful celebrations or challenging times. Mutual trust and respect within the community create an atmosphere where traditions are upheld, and newcomers are welcome.

By working toward a common goal, we become a community. Our shared passion for technology makes our differences fade away. Regardless of our previous work experience, role in the project, and accomplishments in and out of the office, we're all Qubiziști. That goes for the interns, too! During team building, parties, and Summer Camps, even our loved ones are part of our tribe.

3. Diversity

The Breb community welcomes everyone who wants to contribute to preserving the Maramureș way of life. Among the inn owners, you'll find people born and raised here and former townspeople who moved there to start a new life.  Diversity is also the best descriptor of the activities the place offers. There is something for everyone.

At Qubiz, we worked on 90+ projects from 8 different industries. Everyone can find something interesting to work on. But diversity extends to our careers as well. There are different journeys to success–our colleagues’ career paths are proof. You can improve your current skills, learn a second technology, change roles, ask for more responsibility, or keep being good at your work. Wherever you want to take your career, Qubiz is here to help.

4. Sustainability

In Breb, local farmers use age-old practices and work hand in hand with the rhythms of nature to grow crops and raise livestock. The reliance on traditional methods and a deep understanding of the local ecosystem are evidence of the village's commitment to maintaining sustainable agriculture. In the days spent here, we attended many workshops, including bread-making and woodworking, which only made us appreciate more the skill and hard work it takes to make something. 

But what does sustainability look like in the software development world? In Qubiz's 15 years, we have grown steadily, both in team size and financial value. Regardless of the financial results, we have never had layoffs. This has been possible because Qubiz is committed to investing in the team's professional development. For us, speed is not as important as reaching the goal together.

5. Excellence

Excellence does not mean perfection. Breb locals take pride in their work. They made something extraordinary out of the ordinary. And this mentality put the village on every tourist’s must-visit list.

That’s the mentality that made Qubiz an enduring company. The desire to give our best, to be proud of what we do, and enjoy the results, contribute to the well-being of our community. To be able to say, “this happened thanks to us”. Or “that was possible because our code is damn good”. The assurance that what we do is outstanding in quality and has a lasting impact. 

The Qubiz Summer Camp tradition

We love building traditions that last. A big thank you goes to the amazing team that made it all possible and the people of Breb, Maramureș, some of the most welcoming and wonderful people we’ve met. 

Learn more about the Qubiz journey through our 15th year:

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