This autumn’s sports competitions for the Qubiz Team

This autumn brought several sports competitions for the Qubiz Team. In fact, 2014 was full of sports events for which our team members competed. We believe that “Mens sana in corpore sano” is not a myth, but a fact of life, a philosophy that we reinforce by encouraging our employees to practice sports, eat healthy and then do a pretty damn good job! Hehe, the latter one is tongue-in-cheek!

Anyway, back to sports competitions… Following the bike contests, where we won a lot of awards, and the running and swimming competitions we partook in the first half of the year, it was the time for new sports challenges to turn up.

MTB Semi Maraton


On the 20th of September, our colleagues took part at the 3rd edition of MTB Semi Maraton, a bike contest that consisted in biking a distance of 35 km with a 683 m elevation difference on the route Oradea - Husasau de Cris - Podgoria.

Oradea City Running Day


On the 21th of September, we had one team participating at the “Half marathon relay for teams of four” category, 3 colleagues at the 5 km individual category and one colleague at 10 km individual category - all competitions held by Oradea City Running Day. They all managed to achieve pretty good results!

“The START-FINISH area is the center of Oradea, Ferdinand Square, near the Oradea National Theater and the Butoiul de Aur Restaurant (Race Center) and is closed from traffic for the time of the race. A lap of the course is 5.27 km long and is completely covered with asphalt and is marked accordingly. The course will have to be completed four times for the half marathon, twice for each team-member for the half marathon relay for teams of 2 and once for each team-member for the half marathon relay for teams of 4, twice for participants of the quarter marathon race and once for the Europlast Cross (5 km)”- Oradea City Running Day website


Out of 24 company teams, ours got the 3rd place at the “Half marathon relay for teams of four” category, so we are very proud of them!

Cross-country race for companies


In mid October, we continued with the Cross-country race for companies, which was held on the 12th of October. We had 2 teams and 3 colleagues running at the individual category.

Gee, this autumn was full of sports events for sure! We are proud of them all and wishing them a lot of good luck in the future too!

by Alina

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