Andrei Oros: “Proud to wear my Qubiz t-shirt”

About Andrei we spoke in a past article on our blog, as he represents Qubiz at various bike competitions, being organised in Romania and abroad. This year, he rode his bike in 16 competitions, managing to finish in the top 3 in 15 of them. For the next year, he has many plans; one of them is to participate in more competitions than he had this year. We wish him good luck.

During the last three months, Andrei took part in the following 5 bike competitions:


1. Zalau Bike Challenge (with 1.400 m elevation difference on a 50 km route)

  • 2nd place in his category out of 15 participants
  • 4th place in the general category

His thoughts about this competition: “You ough to never have to give up, even the unexpected comes, you can still finish on a decent place in the end” - Andrei.


2. Oradea night trip

  • 2nd place in the qualifying session
  • 1st place in the semifinals
  • 3rd place in the final

His thoughts about this competition: “You can find the route even in the darkness” - Andrei

3. The National Marathon Championship (Gilau, Romania; a route of 50 km)

  • 2nd place in his category (18 - 29 years old)

His thoughts about this competition: “There's no point in being disappointed, next year I will know the route and it will be much better. The result is not that important, what really matters to me is to know that I can do it” - Andrei


4. Crater Coup XCO Betfia -> “Every day is a good day to ride”

  • 1st place in his category
  • 1st place in the general category

5. Geiger MTB Challenge

  • 2nd place in his category

Given Andrei's excellent results, we must say we're very proud of him and looking forward for new accomplishments. At the end of our discussion, he confessed: “I am very proud to wear my Qubiz’s t-shirt!

by Alina

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