About Qubiz
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Qubiz is a nearshore software development outsourcing company from Romania that delivers custom-tailored IT solutions for growing companies.

Company culture

Our company culture is centred around a set of core values that defines who we are and how we work.

01 Customer Centred We focus on the needs of our clients and, through effective communication, we make sure we're always available and open.
02 Results-Driven We concentrate on the benefits of our solutions by making sure the end results meet our client's specific needs.
03 Trust and Respect Each project is a test that we pass successfully each time by demonstrating reliability and respect through the quality of our work.
04 Entrepreneurship During every project we take risks by innovating so that we can provide added value to our clients.
05 Fun We love our work and enjoy the challenges we meet along the way.

Qubiz profile

Headquartered in Romania, Qubiz is an experienced nearshore software development company with the mission to provide its partners with complete IT solutions that fit their particular business needs.

ɟ 100+  SKILLED IT

ʝ 30%

Western European business organisations

Based in Romania, Qubiz has developed solid business ties in the Netherlands and the UK.

Why Near Shoring?

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Why Qubiz?

“What I like about Qubiz is that they are committed to the project and always eager to help us. They are very close to us - we visit each other, we work together, we have fun together - and that allows us to accomplish the end results as one team.”

Hans Hamhuis Director SimplyCare

“The Qubiz team helped us during a complex project, which had many parties involved. Thanks to their flexibility and leadership, we managed to achieve a result that with traditional project management methods would have been just impossible or way too expensive. ”

Richard van Hoorn Chief Executive Officer Media Alliantie

“I found that the analysts of Qubiz are skilled in grasping complex problems and turning them into well-fitting IT solutions.”

Jan Willem Kalkman Information Manager Leger des Heils


Our partners in the Netherlands, the UK and Germany join us in the projects in which our clients need local support.

In recent years, Qubiz partnered with several types of organisations:

  • High-end clients that need complete IT solutions
  • Independent Software Vendors
  • Mobile development companies
  • IT startups

Fred Kwakkel, a Dutch entrepreneur and business IT consultant, is our favoured partner in The Netherlands. Thanks to his project management experience and "clients first" philosophy, we manage to carry out projects that require innovation, deep business insight, and local support - which are very important to clients in the healthcare sector. Phone: 06-21598815.

Marrable Services is an IT nearshoring consulting company from London, UK. Sean Murphy, the founder, has over 20 years of commercial technology experience, with 14 years of direct management experience in delivery.

SimplyCare is a software platform that we developed in partnership with the eponymous Dutch software product development company. SimplyCare is an Enterprise (Health)Care Management Software dedicated to Dutch health care providers and social care organisations.


The companies we’re working with create value in various fields, from healthcare and education, to logistics, FinTech and professional services.