Financial Education Platform

The client

Nudge Global is start-up software company that aims to provide software solutions in the field of financial education. Their mission is to improve the way people manage their money bringing benefits to both employees and their employers.

Business case

There are a handful of financial education software applications on the market, but most of them are presenting the same old general principles and have no application for specific situations. Nudge Global proposes to solve this problem by offering a Financial Education platform that is personalised for the situation of each employee of a given organisation, based on their personal information, which includes age, revenue, marital status, financial and non-financial benefits, financial goals, and more.

When Nudge Global started their venture, they did not have any development capacity within their organisation, so naturally they wanted to outsource the development of their application. This approach gave them enough flexibility in terms of effort and cost. After a short research in their personal network, the founders of Nudge got very strong recommendations to choose Qubiz as their development partners.

Project setup

The project started with a proof of concept (PoC) phase, when the basic architecture and the core features of the software were laid out. The initial team included an architect, a SCRUM master (project manager) and a senior developer. After the first sprints, new members joined the team: 2 developers and one tester. The team of 6 on Qubiz's side was joined by a Product Owner, a graphic designer, a developer and a tester from Nudge. After deployment of the first phase, a developer and a tester were dedicated for maintenance.After a year of deployment, we started the second phase, in which new features were added to the existing software solution. The team consisted of a SCRUM master, 3 developers (both front and back-end) and one tester.The third phase of the project involved the redesign of the dashboard and profile page, and the development of additional features.

The technical solution

Application type:

A multi-tenant web applicationArchitecture patterns and styles:Service-oriented architectureTechnology Stack

  • MVC
  • IoC
  • Entity Framework6
  • Custom CMS
  • Lucene.NET (for full text custom search)

Responsive design

Responsive design that supports a variety of screen sizes, from small tablets to desktop monitors, using the Bootstrap framework.

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