Mobile Task Management

The Client

Leger des Heils (The Salvation Army) is an international charitable organisation and one of the greatest Non-Governmental Organisations in the Netherlands. Their activities include social relief, elderly care, mental healthcare, youth care, rehabilitation and addiction treatment, prevention and social recovery, social work, international development services and recycling.

The Backstory

Any organisation that has employees who don’t always work in a fixed workplace setting encounters the challenge of tracking and managing their activity. This is the case of Leger des Heils, which has many workers involved in home care. These employees need to work extensively on the field, travelling from patient to patient.

The Solution

The obvious solution for us was to design a mobile application that would be integrated with Leger des Heils’ information system, enabling their employees to see their assigned activities, along with specific tasks related to each activity and the benefitting patients.Because these tasks have to be carried out on location, we synced the app with Google Maps, allowing Leger des Heils’ workers to locate their patients on the map, where the tasks are displayed. Another nifty feature that we included in our mobile app is a route suggestion system that calculates the quickest route between locations.

Technologies involved

Qubiz designed Leger des Heils’ application to run seamlessly on most popular mobile operating systems.In fact, it is a client-server application that has the client-side developed using HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX. The app is integrated with Leger des Heils’ internal information system using Web Services.

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