Truck Repair Management System

The Client

BAS Trucks is a Dutch company that has been an established name in the used truck market for years. As part of the BAS Group, BAS Trucks is one of the leading companies in the worldwide buying and selling of used freight trucks, trailers and semi-trailers.

The Challenge

BAS Trucks has a constant stock of more than 1300 trucks and trailers. Beside their main activity - buying and selling used trucks - they also have a workshop where used vehicles can be checked and repaired. Because of the sheer number of vehicles they repair every month, BAS Trucks needed a complete system to manage the whole repair process, from planning to execution.

The Truck Repair Management System Qubiz was about to implement had to be integrated with BAS Trucks’ existing financial, HRM, and time batching systems. Moreover, we also developed a web application to allow planners and employees to work not only from the mainframe, but also from any web browser, which dramatically increases the usability of the system.

The Solution

The front office was coded mainly in PHP, on a Smarty platform. We have also used JavaScript and jQuery to improve the user experience, and for the databases we used DB2. The application is structured on modules, each having a specific functionality. They are: the parameters module, the memories module, the employee module, the log module, the authorization module and the archiving module.

For the back office we used a high-level programming language (IBM’s RPG), on a midrange computer system (the IBM AS/400). As you can see in the diagram below, it is integrated with the clocking system for employee check-in and check-out, the financial system used for invoices, and the HR system for salary payment, used especially for recording overworked hours.

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