What We Do

Qubiz provides complete IT solutions that range from hardcore enterprise software, to fun to use mobile apps, and everything in between.

Our IT Solutions


Enterprise Software

Qubiz develops custom-tailored software designed to fit your particular business needs. We specialise in enterprise software applications that help automate your organisational processes, such as ERPs, CRMs, BPMs and more.

Web Applications

Our company focuses on developing high-end web applications both for the internet and for intranet. We strive to find the optimum solutions for our clients, making sure that even our most complex apps are easy to use.

Mobile Solutions

We offer a wide range of mobile software solutions for smartphones and other mobile devices. Depending on each project's unique requirements, we decide whether to develop a native app or a web-based mobile application.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence solutions enable you to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information, which in turn supports your business processes, such as reporting, performance analysis and decision making.

System Integration

When we develop a new system or software application we make it compatible with the existing systems so they can work together like a complete automated solution. Moreover, our solutions have built-in integration capabilities for future integrations with other systems.

Quality Assurance

To ensure successful and efficient software development, Qubiz integrates an advanced Quality Assurance system throughout the software development lifecycle. In its essence, Quality Assurance helps keeping your software operating and error-free.

Your business accelerated with our experience!

Information technology has been proved to accelerate business growth and development. That's old news. The "new news" is that in today's ever-changing market it's harder than ever to identify the technology or the solution you need to solve your business needs. Qubiz can provide you with the knowledge necessary for you to take advantage of the market opportunities that lay ahead.

Our business IT consulting services include several steps and processes:

  • Quick scanning of your business: helps you discover what IT can do to help your business.
  • Business process improvement: shows you how make the most of your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Project management: guides you on how to develop your IT projects successfully.
  • Business Intelligence: enables you to transform raw data into useful information that helps you take better decisions.
  • System analysis and design: helps you analyse your business problems and design the IT solutions to solve them.
  • Facilitated nearshore: shows you how to make the most of your outsourced development capacity.

The ultimate goal of our IT consulting services is to help you implement the software solutions that not only fit your business needs and expectations, but also help your business grow.

Your IT projects successfully delivered!

Each company is different, thus each has different IT requirements. Bearing this in mind, Qubiz has specialised in developing custom-tailored software that fits your particular business needs.

We develop the following software solutions:

  • Enterprise Software: automate your business processes and includes ERPs, CRMs, BPMs, EAMs, MDMs and so on.
  • Web Applications: complex yet easy to use web apps for the internet and intranet.
  • Mobile Applications: mobile software solutions that can be native, web-based (HTML5) or hybrid.
  • Business Intelligence: raw data transformed into meaningful information that supports your decisions.
  • System Integration: link together several software applications to function together as a system.
  • Quality Assurance & Testing: keeps your software operating and error-free.
  • Business Accelerator: your startup's ideas turned into reality by Qubiz.

Highly skilled developers at your service, only when you need them!

Your staffing needs may increase during the development life-cycle. By partnering with Qubiz, you will achieve easy scalability of your team with our specialised competences that will fit your needs in every stage of your project.

Their competencies can be grouped as follows:

  • Microsoft .NET 4.0
  • ASP.NET MVC, WebForms
  • SiteFinity, Sharepoint
  • jQuery, JavaScript, HTML(5), CSS(3)
  • AngularJS, LESS, SASS
  • Silverlight, RIA, WPF
  • WCF, WF, REST, NServiceBus
  • MSSQL 2008, EntityFramework
  • MVC, MVVM patterns
  • Expression Blend, Photoshop

Open source

  • Java
  • J2SE, J2EE
  • Hibernate
  • Spring
  • Liferay
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • PHP frameworks - WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, Zend, Symfony

Mobile technologies

  • Native apps: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Responsive web apps
  • Hybrid apps & cross platform development (Appcelerator, PhoneGap, Ionic)
  • Augmented reality

Business Intelligence

  • Microsoft BI suite, QlikView
  • Data warehouse development (Data Vault, Data Marts)
  • SQL, T-SQL
  • PowerPivot, SharePoint
  • Microstrategy

Testing services

  • ISTQB certified professionals
  • Unit, System and Integration Testing
  • Acceptance Testing, Regression testing services
  • Test automation, security, load & performance testing
  • Acceptance Test Driven Development
  • Selenium, Webdriver, JMeter, CodeUI
  • Jira, TFS

Up-to-date and bug-free software!

What is a software application good for if it's error-ridden? No matter how complex or innovative it might be, if it's buggy, it hinders its users from carrying out their tasks. For this reason, Qubiz is always available for maintenance and support after the software solutions have been delivered.

We address the following:

  • Support requests.
  • Change requests.
  • Bug fixing, monitoring & auditing,
  • Improvement requests.
  • Technology changes (cloud, mobile access, etc.)

How we work

Project Approach During our projects we develop a tight relationship with our clients. In fact, we build partnerships in which our clients and us function as a team aiming for the same goal.
Quality To make sure we are constantly delivering high-quality services and solutions, we stress the importance of four key factors: people, their skills, the development process and client satisfaction.
Technical Council Through our Technical Council, we can provide high technical quality solutions, highly skilled IT professionals, technical mentoring and technical strategy management.
Project Management Council The Project Management Council's role is to implement the most appropriate software development methods, to get accurate estimates, to oversee time registration and reporting, and to boost innovation.
Infrastructure Qubiz is up to date with the latest IT infrastructure, which includes modern communication facilities, high-end servers, high-level security protocols and powerful workstations.